Kyla and Anthony Wedding

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This past October (yes, late on the blogging I know!) I had the pleasure of photographing Kyla and Anthony’s beautiful wedding! Y’all, this wedding is seriously stunning, one for the books for sure! Not just because Kyla and Anthony planned out every single detail, but because their wedding was filled with moments! As a photographer, I am privy to so many moments throughout a wedding day, and a lot of them just ‘happen’ and a lot of them I need to help them happen. But on this particular day, I did not have to help much, because these two, along with their family’s and friends, created moments that were easily captured and will last a lifetime! And I think (this is my opinion here..) But I think these moments were organically happening throughout the day because Kyla and Anthony enjoyed each other!!! And enjoyed their day! And didn’t worry about what was going on around them! And that is what is so important on a wedding day: To enjoy the day! Because it goes by in the blink of an eye, and then you rely on photos and possibly a video to remember miscellaneous details and see the moments that were captured that day! This wedding, more than any other wedding, sticks out to me as one of my most candid weddings…meaning that I was able to just capture these sporadic moments that were happening! One of my favorite parts of this wedding day was after their romantic photos, Kyla and Anthony and their wedding party disappeared to a back room. After photographing some details in their reception room, I thought to myself, “I wonder what they are doing..” And went into the room to find them dancing to music videos playing on a big screen tv! And when I entered the room and started snapping away, nobody even noticed me! And those are some of my favorite photos from their wedding day! People are laughing and having fun, and creating memories that at the same time, I am capturing! It was amazing! I truly feel that in order for these moments to happen, the bride and groom need to be completely comfortable with their photographer! Through and through! Because on the wedding day, there is no time for doubt or worrying if I will get certain shots! All I want is for every bride and groom to enjoy their day as much as Kyla and Anthony did! Because, as I mentioned earlier, after months, possibly years of planning for this one special day, it is over and done with in a matter of hours!!! My gift to all my couples is this: I promise to capture as many moments on your wedding day as I possibly can!!! They truly do make such a difference! xoxo

Venue|Noah’s Event Venue Albuquerque

Flowers|The Floral Narrative: by Stephanie Yardman

Kyla’s Wedding Gown|Bridal Elegance by Darlene  Brand|Allure Bridals

Anthony’s Suit|Men’s Wearhouse

DJ| Styles Wedding Services

Cake|Small Cakes a Cupcakery

Makeup|Betty Rose by Alanna

Videography|Emily Joanne Films