My style exposes a love for people and a passion for life. The combination of creative vision, fluid style, sensitivity and my natural ability to give clients a feeling of comfort in front of the lens, are characteristics that I believe, separate me from the crowd. My style is a natural and fun approach and frees people to be themselves, revealing their true personalities and emotions, which produce images that are beautiful, personalized and refreshing.

My Mission

I love to make great photographs of people being themselves and creating an environment that is relaxed and fun. My purpose is to bring to life your whole story from behind the scenes, to the nature of your personality, to the scene setters, to the truly obvious. I want to capture a complete story that will forever be a reminder of your true feelings at this time in your life. As a photographer, I am given inside access to some of the most intimate moments of life. From a father and daughter sharing their last few moments before he gives her hand in marriage, to a groom seeing his beautiful bride for the first time. Moments like these are timeless, and I am very privileged to be given the opportunity to provide people with these memories.

Contact Us

Shayla Edenfield
Telephone: 505.331.5311